Memories of the Sword Official Trailer 1 (2015) – Lee Byung-hun Movie HD


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Memories of the Sword Official Trailer 1 (2015) – Lee Byung-hun Movie HD

As the greed and excess of a corrupt Monarchy threatens to destroy the once-glorious Goryeo Dynasty, three legendary warriors lead a revolt to overthrow the empire and save its people. But when deceit and betrayal costs the life of a master swordsman, a plot for justice and revenge is set into motion, raging for decades between the two survivors. From the director of CHILDREN OF HEAVEN and starring Byung-hun Lee (THE GOOD, THE BAD, THE WEIRD, TERMINATOR GENISYS), MEMORIES OF THE SWORD is a lavish epic that blends tragic historical drama with thrilling swordplay and martial arts.

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  1. Roflmao

    The swordsman becomes an actual swordsmen when he can cut without sword. Roflmao

    I am on that level. Where everything is a sword for me. I pick a flower it becomes a sword in my hands. Give me a petal and it's still a sword. Give me a grain of sand and it's weapon.

    That's why when they show guns I laugh. Because I will slaughter them. Because they don't know I laugh.

    I will tell you a real life story. There is this school here walking distance. So once the sports teacher called me and asked me to train the kids for three days in cricket. I said okay. So here I was training them. Bulky I was on leave came from north India. So I was giving them advice on how important is to stretch before any matches or mock matches. And I was telling them how to stretch. So one kid was particularly pissed off. Because he used to think he was too good. So I am telling them to touch your toes and and for head on your knees. So he dares me to do it. Young kids. And I said if I did it will he accept my punishment. It was a way of telling him I am in charge. So he accepts. I did. I made him run 3 rounds. Roflmao

    In this world. There is an expert. And there is novice. And the same applies to all fields. Believe me when I say this. I know swordsman ship too. Roflmao and you won't believe what I can do with it. From modern ware to ancient real warfare. All in my head.

  2. Help please: im trying to find a korean movie that i want to rewatch but cant remember the title seaching for it brought me here but this isnt it. I vaguely remember much details but I do remember a skilled poor swordsman who would take a higher in society girl across the river in a boat, he guy was a fun character. I think he ended up being enlisted as one of here bodyguards eventually as he fell in love with her and would do anything to protect her even though he didnt think he had a chance with her. I believe in the end he died protecting her and she was a target for assasination through much of the movie I think…. ahh there was a fight scene on a boat he had with one of her top gaurds… if you know the title please let me know! Thanks in advance!

  3. Is there anything Kim Go-Eun can’t do? The answer is “No”. Damn, the talent on this girl is unbelievable. I love all her dramas and films, but this is my favorite film.

  4. 한국 무술 영화나 드라마 클리셰, 주인공이 칼을 겨누면 칼(Fe)이 주인을 인지하고 우우우웅 거리면서 막 움ㅋㅋㅋ 중국집 주방장이 나이들면 반죽 늘릴때 면이 우나? 내가 충무로 대장이면 그 1 메가짜리 "검명"이라고 적힌 음원파일 쓰레기통에 버리고 싶다.

  5. Lee Lim must be really mad thinking he can drive Il Young into a creepy Luna in Kingdom of Corea. because in the end, she will betray him over a set of food prepared by Jeong Taeul father 😀☺️


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