M.2 SSD 256GB Upgrade MSI Gaming 5


m.2 ssd upgrade subcribe for more

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  1. I just got a m.2, but for some reason it doesn't recognize my OS on my other ssd. On boot it asks me to plug in a bootable device. I'm not planning on moving my OS to the m.2, I just want more space. does any one else have this problem?

  2. I was reading that the m.2 disables the Sata 5 and 5 ports when this is installed, but I see you still have your other hard drives up and running so looks like I'm finally getting a M.2 while it's on sale.

  3. Hey Jon, I'm wanting to upgrade the HDD on my z97 gaming 5 mobo to an SSD, is any m.2 ssd compatible with this mobo?


    This one for example?

  4. hey jon! cool video, it helped me finding my m.2 slot on the same board 🙂 thanks. greetings from berlin!
    i upvoted it… i dont understand why so many people downvote this. it seems they are brain damaged.

  5. So there is no problem with the MSI Gaming 5 and the Samsung 950 pro? Because pcpartpicker says it would disable two Sata ports.. I would really like my MSI gtx 970 to match the MSI motherboard if possible.


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