Forget "Steve Jobs," Get Ready For "Michael Dell" – CONAN on TBS


CONAN Highlight: The new biopic that implores viewers, “Don’t think different…think same!” More CONAN @ Team Coco is the official …

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  1. 1:12 you see a dell computer in the back with the Dell logo he is "designing" on it's case. Either that employee has been to the future to obtain the computer, before Dell comes up with the logo in this scene. Orrrrr this was made quickly and no one noticed it, or perhaps left it in the back round as a joke. I don't think that that second option is very plausible. So it must be the first one I said.

  2. Actually, Dell is the top selling OEM in America. (for Q1 2016) Dell has an interesting history and Michael Dell left Dell in 2004 and he just bought his company back a couple years ago. You remember those old single Core Pentium 4 Dells you saw at Schools and Libraries? Well, they were a helluva engineering challenge because the Pentium 4 were hot fuckers and they designed a blower vent so the CPU wouldn't overheat and when you opened them up, you could tell they were serious enterprise machines designed to be opened up real quick, upgrade your RAM and be done with it.

    After 2004, the quality started to go downhill and even their "enterprise grade" stuff wasn't built well, but they started to catch up a couple years before Michael Dell came back and I'd have to say, he's doing a good job. I've thought of going OEM for my next Gaming PC because I want to try an OEM experience and see what they offer. I also parted out the base model 8900 and the parts I found to match it were $70 more expensive than what Dell offers. I know I could save a few dollars if I cut corners by getting one x16 slot with a few x1s instead of one x16 and two x4 slots and M.2, but I want my main machine to have the OEM experience.

  3. Funny as it is what I believe most people don't realise is that it's often a harder to make a "cheap but good enough" product than it is to make a "premium device at premium price". Just saying.

  4. Michael Dell was a computer marketing genius who revolutionized the way computers are sold in the 1990s (one of the early adopter of e-commerce strategy). I even had a book about Michael Dell's Success that was published in the 1990s. Man, I would so watch this movie.

  5. Dell makes a good solid products, that for a normal consumer does great. The only area where I would pick another ready built computer over what they have is in gaming . I would go to Asus for that.


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